Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal
Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal

Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal - The Second Century of Auckland Transport

The Second Century of Auckland Transport
Published by Keith Mexsom, Thorpe-Bowker
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What will a reader get from this book and its predecessor?
Basically, these are historical narratives describing real persons and factual events that have resulted in the Auckland of today.
Subjects include:
Transport – the books contain a lot of history about trams, suburban rail, buses, ferries, and of course motor vehicles, and the legislation that have governed their operation.
Politics – the books contain a good deal of information about the political and funding conflicts that have existed between central government and local government; between local government entities and each other; between public and private interests. These books illustrate how these conflicts often unduly influenced the decisions that were made and resulted in today’s road congestion.
City Planning – the books contain information about the successes and failures of central government and city planners and include descriptions of the many disconnects between transport and land use.
Suburban Rail – the City Rail Link is to be completed soon – the books provide a complete narrative of why it took so long to fund and start a project first proposed as an essential undertaking more than a century ago. The number of studies and reports that were undertaken and ignored in that time is astounding. Reference Value – both books are extensively and accurately referenced and indexed.



Perfect | 783 pages | $39.95 NZD | 17.78cm x 25.4cm | 978-0-6485129-3-6 | March 1, 2021