The Road Gang

Jun 21, 2024 by Keith Mexsom

The third volume of The Road Gang -- an historical narrative that describes not just the individuals and entities who contributed to the current state of Auckland's transport network but also that of the rest of New Zealand.

The Road Gang

Nov 29, 2023 by Keith Mexsom

The Road Gang -- the third volume of what has necessarily become more than just the history of Auckland Transport but of the whole country...

Echoes of the Past

Nov 28, 2023 by Keith Mexsom
When it comes to the improvement of public transport as an essential solution to the traffic congestion that continues to plague Auckland, Groundhog Day has again arrived with a newly-elected, National Coalition Government…a Government that once more proposes to favour the Road Gang instead of public transport.

Just Send The Money

Jun 30, 2023 by Keith Mexsom

Third Volume

May 24, 2023 by Keith Mexsom

An Update

Oct 14, 2022 by Keith Mexsom
The wait for a modern and efficient railway network for Auckland continues...

The Chronicles

May 03, 2021 by Keith Mexsom
The content of both Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal and its predecessor, Waka Paddle to Gas Pedal, illustrates how often history has repeated itself since 1840.

As Time Goes By

Apr 19, 2021 by Keith Mexsom
This article, recently published by the online news outlet, The BFD, refers to events that have occurred after the publication of Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal...

Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal

Feb 16, 2021 by Keith Mexsom

Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal - The Second Century of Auckland Transport is now available...and a number of copies have been sent out for possible review.
The finished product has taken a while to put together but it is now available in print from this website and Amazon and as an Ebook from Amazon and Rakuten Kobo Books.
The print version is big at 783 pages and it weighs some 1.7kg. so postal costs are high.
Nevertheless, if you are at all interested in Auckland history and the way the city has evolved as a result of its transport decisions, this is the definitive tome.

Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal

Jan 24, 2021 by Keith Mexsom
Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal - The Second Century of Auckland Transport is on the way -

Publication Update

Dec 02, 2020 by Keith Mexsom
I've had a few enquiries as to when Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal will be published and I apologise for the continuing delay.