An Update

Oct 14, 2022 by Keith Mexsom

Work continues on Volume Three of my history of Auckland transport which I hope to finish early next year.
While the first volume, Waka Paddle to Gas Pedal, set the stage for Auckland’s transport revolution of the early twentieth century and beyond, the second volume, Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal, described the influence of New Zealand’s Road Gang and the lack of political initiative that brought about that revolution.

The third volume actually identifies the individual members of New Zealand’s Road Gang, its influence on the political landscape, and the profits it made as public transport wallowed in debt.

 The increasing number of Auckland commuters who choose to travel by rail and are no longer governed by the ambitions of the Road Gang, would have sighed with relief when construction of the City Rail Link finally started. While there is still some time to wait before its completion, the recent announcement by Auckland Transport and KiwiRail that a complete rebuild of practically all of Auckland’s rail network is now needed would seem to be a very large step back to the dark ages that allowed the Road Gang and the motor car to once more dominate the transportation of Aucklanders to work, study, and play.